Build  confidence 

 and  grow  skills

Life is better with company - and so is learning! Come along and join in these interactive and fun workshops that have been designed specifically to help you build skills and grow with like-minded women. Workshops are regularly held throughout Sydney, Newcastle, and the Central Coast regions, and in other locations on demand.
40 and Fabulous - reclaiming your career mojo 

This is a fun and practical 1 day workshop, developed specifically for fabulous women aged 40 and over who are seeking ways to get their mojo back! We've found it's really common for women to go through a 'critical change point' at around age 40 - a point at which you may organically question your career direction or when external life factors begin to impact career choices more and more. And it's difficult to continue getting the most out of your career and yourself if you're not quite sure what your goals are anymore.


This workshop will help you to gain a deeper insight into what makes you YOU, redefine your career goals, clearly identify all your unique skills and strengths, and...get your mojo back!


50 and Fearless - rebuilding your confidence and improving negotiation

This is a practical 1 day workshop, developed specifically for women over 50 who want to increase their fearlessness and aims to provide strategies to improve your confidence in the workplace and job seeking markets. 


Come and learn in a targeted peer group setting strategies such as proactive self-promotion, confidence building in the context of a younger workforce, and how to get the most from your work. Whether you are looking to increase your confidence to change jobs, feeling undervalued in your current role, or want to learn how to promote yourself in today's youth oriented market, this is the workshop for you!

Redefining your career, and reclaiming your MOJO

This is our 45 minute speedy workshop which will help you to get started on identifying your areas of strength, who your 'mojo thieves' are and look at how you can redefine your career to get the most enjoyment from it.


This workshop is suited to women of all age groups and is always popular when it's run at career and development expos, corporate events, and can now be facilitated in your home as part of a career planning party.


Bespoke workshops

Looking for a workshop to motivate and inspire your staff or students? Lauren regularly develops workshops for businesses and schools. Topics have included:

  • Building resilience and agility in a changing workforce

  • Say whaaat? Improving team communication and increasing outcomes

  • Balance Schmalance (aka keeping your sanity at work, play, and everywhere else)

  • Recognising the benefits of 'failing'

  • Creating autonomous career developers (who won't quit)

Get in touch today to discuss a workshop to meet your needs!