A Coffee with...Linda Drummond

November 2, 2016


Linda Drummond is a very cool woman. She’s the ex-journalist who's interviewed the rich and famous and reported on serious health news-turned-writer and social media expert-turned-passionate Novocastriaphile-turned-social activist. She is also the self-described ‘curly haired feminist’, ‘cycle pootler’, and lover of all things French.


When SPC Ardmona were struggling a few years back and had been denied a Govt assistance package, they were at breaking point. Inspired by a conversation amongst friends about childhood memories of eating SPC fruit and icecream and with a passion for using social media to create positive changes within the community, Linda started #spcsunday which encouraged us to enjoy their tinned fruit again and share it on social media. Her effort immediately went viral, with the whole country behind her and sales went up overnight, effectively saving the company from closure. Linda was recognised for her efforts across the media, Govt, and community (hell, she even got a personal shout-out from Blue Wiggle, Anthony). And it’s this same community mindedness that drives Linda to so actively promote our shared region of Newcastle through her blog Pink Patent Mary Janes (and I just love the name).


Linda is funny, insightful and a super communicator, and we sure did cover a lot of ground including community activism, career changes, Twitter (though I’m still not very good at it… I promise I’ve been practicing Linda) and what feminism means to us in a world that has so many brands. You can follow Linda personally on Twitter @LindaDrummond and via her blog on Facebook or Instagram @pinkpatentmaryjanes where she shares loads of stories about what’s happening around Newcastle and in her world (which regularly includes very cool activities like the recent Kate Bush dance-off, and book launches).


And when asked about how we can all prioritise our time and give back to our communities? Linda's advice is simple:


"I think you just have to do it"

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October 10, 2017

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Lauren is a professional member of Career Development Association, full member of Australian Society Of Rehabilitation Counsellors, and a regular contributor for Leaders In Heels. Her expert opinion and articles have been featured in loads of places!

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