It's one of the most common questions we're asked: "what do you do?". But in a career development context (or worse still, job interview) many of us aren't very effective in our answers, and struggle to articulate what exactly it is that we uniquely do. And it costs us well as money!


This cleverly written workbook will guide you through a number of practical, never-fail exercises, at the end of which you will be able to clearly identify your unique skills set. 


So why is it so important to know our unique skill set? 


  • we increase our employment opportunities when we are able to set our unique self out from the pack (no more generic job descriptions please)
  • we can effectively negotiate higher rates of pay with employers, clients and customers when we are clear and confident in our unique abilities and offerings
  • our feelings of confidence, competence, and enthusiasm increase when we recognise our unique talents (say goodbye to that pesky Imposter Syndrome!)


Ready to get acquainted with your unique skill set and increase your opportunities?


This workbook has the tools to help you 


  • identify your abilities across career, avocational activities, and general life skills
  • understand the general areas of strength that your skills fall into
  • clearly and succinctly describe your unique skill set


This workbook is currently available as a printable, self-paced resource exclusively from Headstrong Women. Or, for an even more in-depth and individualised experience can be purchased alongside a career coaching session with Lauren (please see other offerings).

So, What Do You DO?