They’re commonly used phrases that we’re ALL guilty of using (even me), but geez they can undermine us and make it difficult to achieve what we want to! The shoulda woulda coulda’s are often responsible for costing us opportunities, money, and self-respect – but can be tricky to eliminate.


This cleverly written workbook will guide you through a number of practical, never-fail exercises, at the end of which you will be able to clearly


  • understand why language plays such a big part in influencing our behaviours, successes…and failures
  • follow easy, and repeatable exercises to change your dialogue and improve your productive behaviours
  • implement new language and behaviour to increase your productivity, opportunities and ultimately income


So why is understanding this particular language so important in our career and life development? 


These particular words are single-handedly responsible for robbing you of opportunities, promotions, and confidence - and should be stripped immediately from your vocabulary!


Ready to change your language and increase your opportunities?


This workbook has the tools to help you 


  • identify your current self-talk style, and the opportunities that it has cost you
  • implement strategies to improve your language
  • make lifelong change to your behaviour…and actually GET WHAT YOU WANT!


This workbook is currently available as a printable, self-paced resource exclusively from Headstrong Women. Or, for an even more in-depth and individualised experience can be purchased alongside a career coaching session with Lauren (please see other offerings).

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda