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A Coffee with...Jo Muirhead

Jo Muirhead is a seriously headstrong woman. A Rehab Counsellor extraordinaire and passionate coach for Allied Health providers, Jo is disrupting the rehabilitation industry to make sure that everyone has access and support to build their career and thrive, well beyond a medical diagnosis or injury.

I’ve been a quite admirer of Jo’s work for some time now, and following her journey with her rehab company, Purple Co. What impresses me most about Jo, is how true she is to our profession and our role in empowering people to think outside the square of injury, illness, or disability in terms of their career development. As you’ll hear throughout our discussion, Jo is a true believer that nothing is impossible, but an opportunity to look for alternative pathways and solutions. Jo is often outspoken – and I warn you now, we BOTH get a bit ranty at times about the constraints and bureaucracy that surround the compensable rehab systems. Jo is passionate about best practice, evidence based strategies, and supports her clients to challenge any preconceived notions of what it means to have a career AND a change in health circumstances. Jo is also a specialist coach for Allied Health providers, guiding them to build successful and profitable private practices in a quickly changing landscape. She’s also an impressive advocate for the promotion of Allied Health specialities and recognition of qualification and expertise, in this current world of instagurus (yet another area that we agree wholeheartedly on)

Jo is bubbly, incredibly friendly and ridiculously easy to chat with. Outside of work her titles include mum, wife, friend, yoga enthusiast, and coffee lover. You can find Jo (and her FANTASTIC purple hair) at www.jomuirhead.com and www.purpleco.com.au

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