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A Coffee with...Kasia Gospos

Kasia Gospos is a true leader in heels. In fact, she is the founder of Leaders in Heels, the highly successful online women’s magazine and inspiration hub – (and one that I am very proud to be a regular contributor for). She is also an author, developer of the beautiful Make Your Mark stationery and growing motivational , and founder of 50 / 50 Future Leaders Movement and Red Heel Day.

Sound like she juggles a lot of plates? She sure does!

In fact, her ebook, Get Your Life Back, is filled with tips on how to automate and streamline your business and life to make sure that you’ve the time for the parts that you really love!

Outside of work, Kasia strives towards a balanced life with her husband and beautiful corgi, Happy, and has a fantastic sense of adventure and desire to learn, which brought her across the globe to live in Sydney from her original hometown in Poland!

Kasia’s messages are clear and consistent: empowerment isn’t one gender’s responsibility alone; and with the right tools in place we can all shape the life we truly want.

In her own words, Kasia reminds us all to live with

passion, determination, and confidence

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Lauren is a professional member of Career Development Association, full member of Australian Society Of Rehabilitation Counsellors, and a regular contributor for Leaders In Heels. Her expert opinion and articles have been featured in loads of places!

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