• Lauren Maxwell

40 and Fabulous - reclaiming your career mojo (upcoming workshop)

40 and fabulous? You bet you are! In sooo many ways. In ways that I can't even adequately describe in words!

But maybe you're not feeling it...at least in your career.

And you're NOT alone. It is in fact really common for women to go through ups and downs.

But what can we do when our mojo is low? How can we reclaim that excitement and drive that we once had for our career...and greater zest for life?

Chances are, your goals and dreams have changed significantly since your teen years, or even your 20's and 30's. And your decision making styles have probably changed as well...And what was that word you used to describe yourself as....ummmm...passionate? Yes, that was it. Where did it go, and why did it have to leave?

Each of these questions are REALLY common for women around the ages of 40-50 (in fact, they are questions that I hear every single day), and this workshop has been designed specifically with these women in mind!

So if you're ready to take control again, reclaim your mojo and feel 40 and fabulous, join me on 23rd September in North Sydney. Click here for your ticket!

I can't wait to see you there!

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