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A Coffee with...Leah Gilbert

Leah Gilbert is a force to be reckoned with! Founder of Body Positive Athletes and Athena Multisport Magazine, internationally recognised thought leader in body positivity, running coach, speaker, writer, and sponsored athlete (not to mention a very funny woman, mother to two gorgeous kids, partner to a very lucky man, and cat lover – yep, all the best people are fellow cat ladies!)

Leah’s passion is evident in all that she does, and you can’t help but feel inspired and fired up when you’re in her presence. Her messages are clear: get out there and enjoy your sport and body, never hide in the shadows, and just be fearless enough to embrace it all. She talks regularly about the ‘power of doing’, and she certainly lives by her own motto of 'unapologetic living'!

Rarely one to sit still and never one to hold back, Leah has forged a career in challenging us to question all that threatens to undermine our body image, self-esteem and personal power. She has also just founded the ‘Ladies, we need to talk’ forum to facilitate discussion at a community level about body image.

One of my favourite women, and an absolute pleasure to have a coffee with. I guarantee that you will grow from hearing Leah’s words and gain a greater appreciation for your body and what it can do!

And in her own words…

“choose positivity and support over judgement and negativity”

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