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A (virtual) Coffee with...Carolyn Creswell

I was lucky enough to meet Carolyn following a breakfast seminar in August 2015. Her keynote speech was simply inspirational. She talked about the truth behind the myth of the ‘overnight success’ (hint: there’s no such thing); building resilience; and the importance of giving back. She spoke eloquently, was engaging and a really entertaining speaker. But what impressed me most, was how ‘normal’ she seemed, and how her advice about business and life just resonated so much with me…and every other woman in the room. So, of course, I had to tell her this when she’d finished.

So, armed with some gumption and my ‘power ring’ (a big onyx and marquisate number I bought myself the day I decided to open my own business) I fan-girled it over to Carolyn and asked her for an interview. And I’m so pleased that I did, because actually ‘meeting’ her, was fantastic (and I wish I had been brash enough to ask for a selfie with her)!

Carolyn wears many hats and is a real inspiration – career-wise she’s the Managing Director of Carman’s; Speaker; Board Member; Ambassador; Mentor and TV personality and person-wise she’s the mother to four young children, wife to a very lucky man, as well as a friend and family member to some really fortunate people. So, I knew she’d have some amazing advice for all of us on how she manages her time, sanity and community-mindedness!

Given the geographical constraints, with Carolyn in Victoria and me in NSW, the multi-skilled multi-tasker gave me her time and advice as she was driving to the office. Hands-free of course.

So rather than read my continued gushing….here’s my virtual coffee with Carolyn Creswell!

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