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 mojo  back  TODAY 

Hi - I'm Lauren Maxwell (Lo to my friends). Those who know me will tell you that I’m pretty headstrong about a lot of things. In fact when I told my family what I was naming my business, they just smiled in agreement and said "yep!" I can't help it - I come from a really long line of headstrong women including Scottish matriarchs and outspoken suffragettes!


For almost two decades now, I've harnessed the power of my 'headstrongness' to help thousands of people successfully redefine their lives, and careers. After studying psychology at uni, I worked for many years as a Rehabilitation Counsellor, helping people who needed drastic changes following injury, illness, or burn-out. I opened my first private practice in 2009, but was receiving consistent feedback from women, who whilst they hadn't experienced a significant injury or illness, were nonetheless feeling lost, frustrated and helpless in their careers. Smart, capable women, who like you, were becoming overwhelmed and feeling unsure of their options simply as they moved through different life stages. I therefore launched Headstrong Women in 2013 with the aim of empowering women everywhere to take control and start living the lives they really wanted.

So, what exactly do I do? I provide an expert level of guidance to help you clarify your career goals, redefine who you are today, and actually take the steps needed to achieve what it is you want to do. I use my skills in career development, psychology and counselling to give you practical, tailored strategies to help you get the most from yourself, and your career.


Why am I still so passionate about this after all these years? I could argue about gender inequity in the workforce or blind you with the science of the inextricable link between our work, health, and general well-being for hours, but put simply: life is waaaay too short to be missing your mojo!

So, whether you're looking for a new career path or simply to 'get more out' of your current career - if you're ready to feel in control again and reclaim your mojo - come on down! You can work with me 1:1 via zoom or skype, come to a workshop, buy my skill-building e-workbooks here, read my advice in heaps of different places or hear me talk as a keynote - I love getting the word out and dispelling myths about career and personal development! I've got one simple aim, and that is to help you build:

Confidence in your career...and YOU

I'm really thrilled that you've taken the first step to becoming the Headstrong Woman you can be, and can't wait to start working with you! 


Lauren Maxwell