Design  the 

 life  YOU  want 

Life can be hard when we have BIG decisions to make...but it's so much more fun when we learn how to get what we want!

Solution focused counselling can help you clarify goals, undertake steps to make those major life changes you've been thinking of, and really get more from your life. 

As a Rehabilitation Counsellor, I am lucky enough to have worked with thousands of people over the years to make positive changes in their lives - really redefining who they are today.  


I use a motivational interview framework, regularly drawing on aspects of solution focused brief therapy and acceptance commitment therapy, to help you design the life you want. Specific areas that I can help in are:

  • Developing insight into your unique strengths and talents

  • Building specific skills like stress-management, resilience and agility across your life

  • Preparing for a BIG decision such as career or lifestyle change

  • Managing health conditions such as injuries, chronic illness, and mental health in the workforce

  • Building general confidence....and finding the FUN again!