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Need someone with a bit of moxy, a great sense of humour, who can really capture the attention of your audience? You've come to the right place! I love nothing more than spreading the news far and wide about how to make better career decisions as an experienced speaker, writer, and broadcaster.

I'm a passionate speaker on all aspects of career and personal development, and am best known for my talks on


  • Reclaiming your confidence and career mojo

  • Redefining career goals after 30 

  • Coping with career setbacks

  • Why work/life balance is baloney


I'm also available for bespoke topics, and am sure that I can provide you with a keynote that you...and your audience will be captivated with and learn from!

Keynote Speaking
Lauren Maxwell speaking
Writing and Expert Comment
Lauren Maxwell writing

I have written and been interviewed for all kinds of external sources about women's career development, career change and confidence building. Here's a small sample (and the picture...well that's my quote in Elle Magazine)!


Leaders In Heels


The Sydney Morning Herald


Circulus Education



Stand Out Radio

Indie Recruitment