Career  development 

 for  young  adults 

Times sure have changed since many of us were at school! The skills that young adults need to enter their first career (and I say first, because 18-24 year olds today are likely to have around 5 careers in their lifetime) are completely different to those that their parents needed.

Gone are the days of simply learning to apply for a role and being accepted - nowdays the focus is much more on developing skills associated with:


  • problem solving 

  • personal resilience and agility

  • initiative

...and, I haven't even got to the questions about expertise or 'what career do I want to start out in?' yet!

I've been proud to partner with local high schools, and with the Hunter Futurepreneurs program to develop workshops specifically for young career developers, to give them the skills that they'll need to succeed in their careers!


If you are a school, community group, or youth-specific organisation that would like to provide your members with expert guidance on building life-long skills, explore entrepreneurship, or investigate employed career pathways please get in touch today!

entrepreneurial mindset workshop