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Looking for a new career path, or want to enjoy your current job more? Considering self-employment?

Career Coaching works by giving you individualised support to clarify what it is that you want from your career, and challenging you to build strategic skills to go out and achieve it. You see, career development isn't just about career change! It's an ongoing process that involves refining goals, developing skills, and expanding knowledge to get the most satisfaction from your career.

Who does Career Coaching work for? Everyone! I use a motivational interview framework and have designed a number of innovative resources to guide you towards your goal. Here's a few of the specific areas that career coaching can help with:

  • Assessing the question "is it time for me to change careers"?

  • Recognising your unique skills and strengths (this is often hard, and we ALL need to get better at it!)

  • Building specific skills like stress-management, resilience and agility, future-proofing your career

  • Developing job seeking skills like how to interview, negotiate pay rates, and sell yourself for promotion or secondment

  • Building your job seeking resources like resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles

  • Assessing whether you're suited to self-employment, understanding the special skills needed for entrepreneurs, and linking you in with other specialist services to help build your business

  • Managing health conditions such as injuries, chronic illness, and mental health in the workforce

  • Building general confidence....and finding the FUN again!


It's time to get your mojo back, and become the headstrong woman you were always meant to be!

It's time to let me show you how to build confidence in your career....and YOU!


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Lauren is a professional member of Career Development Association, full member of Australian Society Of Rehabilitation Counsellors, and a regular contributor for Leaders In Heels. Her expert opinion and articles have been featured in loads of places!

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